Your lie in April- ready for a feel trip?

I know this is late. VERY VERY late. But I still have to do it because I just love this anime so so much :))

Your lie in April came out in 2014, but I am still revisiting this anime from time to time. It has the feels coming right up to you from the very first ep, and every time I will cry from watch ing the ending as Kaori and Kosei play together. Its definitely one of the best music related anime I have watched before!

This anime also had many famous but also strikingly beautiful music such as the Chopin Etude Op.25 No.11 and the Liebesleid (Love’s sorrow). They set the plot to music in a way that brings out and highlight the emotions. It combines classical music beautifully with the characters.

People who haven’t watch this before, GO WATCH IT NOW. It’s not just the music that is on point, (but I do admit, a lot of anime don’t have really good music as their op or ost….) but the animation is also very smooth and the plot makes you tear up. Good animes usually have at least two of there points in my standards.

I am also currently learning Chopin’s Ballade no. 1 in G minor for the sake of the music and the memory of this anime :)))

Here is just a bit of me practicing, it’s still not very good because I only started to practice this piece for a few weeks, but here it is! (plz ignore my hair and my head moving all over the place XXD)


Translation of a Chinese Poem-After Rain by Yue Fu

After Rain/雨后





After the rain had passed and the sky cleared

The trees were drizzled with water droplets, wet and moist

In between, lies the moon that shines with a peculiar light

And the laughter that evokes memories of home

Reminded a traveller of his foreign stay

As a child living in between two different cultures, somtimes it is really hard actually to ‘fit’ into one or the other society. I am a Chinese Canadian and I immigrated to Canada when I was in grade 2.

At times when I go back to China, I find myself feeling very foreign with the people around me. I would be thinking to myself, “Am I chinese? Or am I Canadian?” Just a little thought on the poem. 🙂