Distractions- A poem

He felt as if his eyes were stabbed  with a razor-sharp knife

Every time he blinked, he noticed the throbbing pain

He felt as if his arms lifted ten-thousand weights for ten-thousand days

Every time he moved his fingers, he could feel the soreness in

Every. Single. Cell

But still he kept on moving his fingers

From morning

To night

From beginning

To end

Even though

The intense summer heat was invading his consciousness

Even though

His mom was arguing with someone on the phone next door

Even though

He was irked by the endless repetition of finger exercises

He was still practicing

He practiced until days were the same as night

He ignored the sweet invitation of blithe dreams


That feeling of powerlessness and indifference

That panicky feeling of agitation

Slowly took him over

‘I am not improving,’ he thought

His messy hair screamed frustration

‘Buzz—‘ ‘Buzz—‘

He stopped abruptly

And picked up the phone


Author: yudi

I am a high school student from Mississuaga, Ontario.

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