Dream #1: While I was sleeping….

Ok, so I decided to start this series of (short) post thing where I talk about my dreams. I first thought of this when I started to watch this new KDrama called “While you were sleeping”. ┬áThe protagonist, Nam Hong-Joo can predict and see unfortunate events that actually will happen in real life. While she tries to cope with this special ability, she meets a prosecutor who tries to prevent her dreams from coming true.


I actually don’t watch that many KDramas and I am not a crazy KDrama fan, but it is one of my favorite things to do. But because Lee Jong Suk had been in so many GOOD dramas, I have developed this habit of re-watching every drama that he did. Literally, he gets the drama with the best plots and the best characters! Last year it was W, Pinnochio and Doctor Stranger in 2014.

Anyways, back on topic.

Believe me, my dreams are not the best at making sense; sometimes I would question myself, “why did I dream that?” Sometimes, it is a reflection of what I was going through in real life, and sometimes it’s just because I just dreamed it that way. It is a way to understand myself better I guess. Also, Because school is killing me, so I don’t think I will have much time to write all of my weird dreams down. So let’s get started!

Oct. 14

I find myself as a ghost, traveled back in time to the mid-1800s. I was in a mansion, in a room with an alarming maple red wooden floor. There was a wooden piano at a corner of the room and there was a set of staircase leading down to the main floor on the other end. I can see across the streets from the black steel framed windows.

There were noises, the sounds of clinking wine glass and distant laughter; People having conversation downstairs but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. There were also faint, soft piano music in the mids of those conversations.

“Chopin,” I whispered to myself.

I float to the piano and sit down at the piano, and remembered that I haven’t practiced my Chopin Ballade in days. (PLZ DON’T TELL MY TEACHER) I touch the keys and found that my finger could feel the cold, smooth contact with the keys. The frame glowed with warmth of the wood and the piano was so captivating.

It was a Pleyel grand. Chopin’s favorite piano.

I tried to remember the melodies and started to play. It was terrifying. It sounded like a beginner who was trying to impress a professional. My fingers were numb and stiff.  Nothing was right.

But then I heard rapid footsteps coming upstairs and a small crowd of people filled the room. I stopped and froze.

A handsome young man rose out from the crowd and stepped towards the piano that I was sitting. He surveyed the piano and turned around and asked the crowd,

“There is no one here. Who was playing the Ballade?”

“I can assure you, Mr. Frederic, no one was here. I made sure that your practice room was out of bound.” One of the fancy dressed lady replied.

They all stared at the piano with confusion, but the young man was staring right at me. I felt a strong need to dig a hole and bury myself right there.



Here is a Pleyel grand! I actually didn’t really know what type of piano it was, but because of Chopin, I figured it was a Pleyel piano.