Distractions- A poem

He felt as if his eyes were stabbed  with a razor-sharp knife

Every time he blinked, he noticed the throbbing pain

He felt as if his arms lifted ten-thousand weights for ten-thousand days

Every time he moved his fingers, he could feel the soreness in

Every. Single. Cell

But still he kept on moving his fingers

From morning

To night

From beginning

To end

Even though

The intense summer heat was invading his consciousness

Even though

His mom was arguing with someone on the phone next door

Even though

He was irked by the endless repetition of finger exercises

He was still practicing

He practiced until days were the same as night

He ignored the sweet invitation of blithe dreams


That feeling of powerlessness and indifference

That panicky feeling of agitation

Slowly took him over

‘I am not improving,’ he thought

His messy hair screamed frustration

‘Buzz—‘ ‘Buzz—‘

He stopped abruptly

And picked up the phone



Yuzuru Hanyu, Olympics, and Future

Last year, while Yuri on Ice swiped over the anime community with its superb plot and exciting characters, someone on the internet also brought up the name – Yuzuru Hanyu.


Maybe because I never really paid attention to the Olympics, I didn’t recognize that name at all. I thought, “Well, he does look like Yuri, and he is talented but I have never seen him before.”

Oh, but I was TOTALLY wrong.

After the first look on Wikipedia, I was like, “Wait, wasn’t he the kid from Sochi Olympics?!!” Yuzuru Hanyu made his name to the world on the day he won Sochi Olympics, he broke numerous world records in the 15-16 season. His name, plastered in sports and skating magazines and spoke about during sports channels.

As I watch his program on Youtube, goose bumps and chills ran down my spine. I could feel a sense a calm but absolute concentration. And it showed in every move, every step sequence, every jump.

Yuzuru Hanyu was at the peak of the world, and he, became my idol.


So, when the 16-17 Skate Canada came up, I went to watch his free program at the Hersheys Center. To tell the truth, watching him skate live is more breathtaking than anything I have ever seen in my life. Period.

Anyways, as time passed, I became more and more involved with the figure skating community and discovered many talented skaters like Patrick Chan, Nathan Chen, and Shoma Uno.

And I realized that he wasn’t really at the peak, lots and lots of other talented skaters are chasing up to him, trying to surpass him. And they are young and strong in their own ways. That it is this bond of chasing each other that keeps them working hard. A quote from yuzuru says, “I hate it when I am weak. But being weak means I have the potential to be strong.”

The Pyeongchang Olympics is coming up, the competition is only getting fiercer and fiercer. Nathen Chen already set the record of completing five quads in his free, and Shoma is working on his quads non-stop.

Can Yuzuru keep his records going or will other skaters take up the stage? The competitions at the Olympics will reveal the final winner.


Getting addicted to coffee

I was cramming harmony and history courses at the Royal Conservatory of Music for the last month or so (starting from July) and recently I just finished my exams. As most of you who had taken harmony lessons before, it is quite intensive…. But because I was doing it in the summer as a “summer school course” it was even worse. As a result, I started to drink coffee to keep myself awake in mornings and nights when I need to study more.

It was not a good choice because now I can’t sleep at night and I can’t stay awake in the mornings and I get absolutely nothing done. Never going to do that again.

Nevertheless, coffee actually taste quite good 🙂

Your lie in April- ready for a feel trip?

I know this is late. VERY VERY late. But I have to do it because I just love this anime so so much :))

Your lie in April came out in 2014, but I am still revisiting this anime from time to time. It has the feels coming right up to you from the very first ep, and I will cry every time I watching the ending as Kaori and Kosei play together. Its definitely one of the best music related anime I have watched before!

This anime also had many famous but also strikingly beautiful music such as the Chopin Etude Op.25 No.11 and the Liebesleid (Love’s sorrow). They set the plot to music in a way that brings out and highlight the emotions. It combines classical music beautifully with the characters.

People who haven’t watch this before, GO WATCH IT NOW. It’s not just the music that is on point, (but I do admit, a lot of anime don’t have really good music as their op or ost….) but the animation is also very smooth and the plot makes you tear up. Good animes usually have at least two of there points in my standards.

I am also currently learning Chopin’s Ballade no. 1 in G minor for the sake of the music and the memory of this anime :)))

Here is just a bit of me practicing, it’s still not very good because I only started to practice this piece for a few weeks, but here it is! (plz ignore my hair and my head moving all over the place XXD)


Translation of a Chinese Poem-After Rain by Yue Fu

After Rain/雨后





After the rain had passed and the sky cleared

The trees were drizzled with water droplets

In between, lies the moon that shines with a peculiar light

And the laughter that evokes memories of home

Reminded a traveller of his foreign stay

As a child living in between two different cultures, somtimes it is really hard actually to ‘fit’ into one or the other society. I am a Chinese Canadian and I immigrated to Canada when I was in grade 2.

At times when I go back to China, I find myself feeling very foreign with the people around me. I would be thinking to myself, “Am I chinese? Or am I Canadian?” Just a little thought on the poem. 🙂

My first ever blog post?

I am from China but currently living in Canada. I am in Grade 10 right now and I thought it would be a good choice to set up a blog to keep my life organized! I play the piano and love writing Fanfics! Sometimes I draw but most of them are pretty bad XDD Currently in English class with my tutor setting up this blog 🙂